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4 Ingredient Pancakes

Breakfast is THE BEST. Anyone who doesn’t agree with that, k bye. But really, these 4 ingredient gluten and dairy free pancakes are bomb. They’re filling, easy to make, and can be refrigerated for the next morning. I wish I could take credit for this recipe, but my sister is actually the brilliant mastermind behind it.… Continue reading 4 Ingredient Pancakes

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Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Stuffed Oreos

Gluten and dairy free, of course, today’s dessert (or binge snack) was inspired by a few concepts. Concepts that are slightly disgraceful and essentially downright ridiculous. Nonetheless, this is a recipe that I apologize for, because it is FAR from healthy – which is a sacred pillar of this blog. To make amends, I have listed the 3 circumstances (that I can… Continue reading Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Stuffed Oreos

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3 Ingredient DIY Toothpaste

We usually don’t think much about our toothpaste and what it’s made of. Who cares if it’s blue, green, red, or has ingredients that we can’t even pronounce? You should. (The same goes for your deodorant! Make sure you catch my post on how to make an all natural 3 ingredient deodorant that smells delightful and feels… Continue reading 3 Ingredient DIY Toothpaste

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The Best Gluten & Dairy Free Cinnamon Rolls

“This is the best thing you have made yet.” – Dad Holy Moly. I was not messing around this morning when I set out to make a delicious cinnamon roll. Before I let my family try them, I asked: “When is the last time you had an AMAZING gluten & dairy free cinnamon roll?” Taking… Continue reading The Best Gluten & Dairy Free Cinnamon Rolls


{Crockpot} Pasta e Fagioli

This meaty, hearty soup is loaded with vegetables, protein, and Italian spices. The seasons are changing, so it’s time for the recipes to follow suit.  For me personally, fall is just an excuse to make soups all day every day, even though our Houston “fall” is 91 degrees fahrenheit and 98% humidity.. The skeleton of this recipe was taken… Continue reading {Crockpot} Pasta e Fagioli


Crockpot Mexican Quinoa

This was first made by my college roommate who seldom cooked. I was drawn downstairs one morning by a blissful smell and, to my shock, saw her bustling about the kitchen. Apparently, Pinterest was responsible for compelling her to get up early and make this quinoa dish. That’s the beautiful thing about a crockpot! Without having… Continue reading Crockpot Mexican Quinoa


Night Life Style and Accessories

You should organize your wardrobe by color, season, and type of clothing item. Have you ever heard that? I know people who do this, but I personally can’t bring such disaster upon myself. Sure, it might make my life a little easier when trying to find something to wear, but I can’t see it lasting.… Continue reading Night Life Style and Accessories