Dress to Impress with Little Effort

It is important to choose the clothes that accentuate your best features. Yes, everyone has them -including you! Be it your eyes, legs, or waist line, we are all beautiful in our own ways. It is up to us to take proper care of those amazing qualities and show them off! For instance, I have always opted for higher waist clothing, because I have an abnormally long torso. If that is not you, no problem at all, simply work with what makes you most comfortable.

It is always “in” to mix and match pieces. The best outfits I have ever seen have one thing in common: all the items came from different retail stores. It’s hard to have the eye to walk into several stores and envision how one piece will look with another, believe me I get it. But, it helps to think about what you already have at home in the closet. So, before you go shopping next time, take a peek in your dressers and get a really good fresh look at what gems you might have neglected. That way, when you walk into a new store, you can go “Oh, that will look really good with my nude summer wedges.” When it comes to smart shopping and style, it is all about versatility.

My best friend Lily and her amazing camera took these beautiful shots. I would wear something like this to a Spring, outdoor evening event, probably with a tank top versus a crop top but if you want to be audacious, go for the crop top. Going dancing in something like this is always a fun time too.

The skirt is an ombre high-low maxi, found at Anthropologie, the beautiful heels from Madewell, the wrapped style top crop from Nordstrom, and the necklace from J.Crew. See? All pieces from different stores coming together. Magical.

The “Regal Necklace” from J.Crew with wrapped basic crop top from Nordstrom

*If you have a longer torso, like me, maxi skirts/dresses are always on my shopping list. It gives the appearance of long legs and short torso – which is exactly what I aim for when dressing.*

Stupidly comfy pumps from Madewell and maxi skirt from Anthropologie

All of these pieces can be mixed and matched with whatever you may have in your closet. Those shoes with skinny jeans, the skirt with a regular tank, the crop top with any other maxi, and the necklace would be sharp for any occasion.

I don’t really dress up like this all that often, unless I am really trying to impress. Let me tell you, this outfit? Impresses. The shoes? Impresses. All of these items are bound to bring you a shower of compliments. Though, I recommend you take your curtsy off stage 😉 You can always upstage any look by doing your hair and make-up. My go-to hairstyle is usually a soft curl because that’s what makes me feel muy caliente. I like waves. But, If you like that pin straight thang, go for it, I am not here to judge.

Again, I urge you to embrace and love your body! We all have curves and flaws, so be confident in your steps, smile, and sassiness! Life is too short to worry about what everyone else thinks, so dress how you want and paint the town. Everyone else can deal with it!



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