Affordable Fitness Fashion for Summer

Who says you can’t be fashionable while you sweat? I am super excited to write this post today because I get to show you where all these cute & comfy pieces came from! And, we just had a ton of fun taking all these pictures, so here we go!

To start, I know I am NOT the only one who feels a sudden, chilly breeze in the gym, where only the most unfortunate things on my body are.. affected, so to speak. You know what I’m talking about, don’t you? I absolutely hate that, which is why I fell in love with this really cute Sports Short Bra that came from Marshall’s ($15). It is lightly padded to where it doesn’t look excessive, but perfect for protection to combat that mysterious gym breeze.

I was able to find it online at TJ Maxx right here for only $10! Unfortunately, they are out of the blue colored ones, but still have coral in stock, which is equally pretty.

Description: adjustable straps, removable bra cups, seamless, soft texture, lightweight, odor control, fabric provides stretch, ultra breathable, compression comfort, moisture management

Coral Color of Sports Bra for $10 can be found here. Hurry, they will run out soon!

Next up, we have the coral colored yoga capri pants. These babies are very soft, stretchy, and made by Mondetta Performance Gear. Their products are designed to provide anatomically targeted compression, or freedom of movement, so your body is always ready to do whatever movement you ask of it. I was very drawn to the summer color and just had to try them on. These were a bit more on the expensive side, costing me around $50. I found a similar pair for cheaper at Nordstrom Rack around $20. Feel free to check out MPG and their site – they have a nice mint colored capri cut yoga pants for $34. Equally cute for summer.


On another note: shoes. These are mint green Women’s C9 Champion Legend running shoes and can be found here from Target for ~$27.

Description: These comfortable women’s sneakers have FSS flex groove treads, ventilated fabric and cushioned insoles to keep you light on your feet. Choose from gray ombre with mint green, fresh coral or bright purple.

*With lots of good reviews, these shoes do not disappoint!

Always get Yourself a Running Buddy

As a bonus, I had my friend Taylor model her Alo yoga pants, Asics shoes, Nike Sports Bra, and Athleta tank top. She tied the tank top at the waist because it was a bit long, so be mindful of that if you decide to shop online with Athleta. They have a summer sale going on right now with some decent workout tops.

To shine, she also has on her Alo Seaport Blue Airbrush Leggings. They’re very versatile and soft! They can be found on the above link for $50. Really great summer colors here:


Umm.. aren’t those shoes snazzy? I LOVE that they have so many vibrant colors, but it doesn’t make you want to vomit! Pretty impressive if you ask me. Taylor says they are perfect for running, hiking, and walking. I need to get me a pair. Get yours on the link below!

Pretty Asics shoes can be found here at Macy’s for $89


Lastly, our accessories: I am wearing an Academy watch made by Marathon. This is the one I have, but there are a whole slew of other great colors. It is simple to use and waterproof. Perfect for my simple life.

You can find this Marathon Watch here for $15

Conversely, if you want to get all fancy, we should all be like Taylor who is sporting her beautiful FitBit. Big shot on campus over here.

Description: This trendy item is comfortable to wear while working out in the gym, running outdoors or getting a good night’s rest. The FitBit accessory band pack offers slim and stylish options that you can pair with your sports attire or evening sleepwear. This product makes an excellent gift for anyone who uses this popular fitness and sleep-quality kit.

FitBit’s for $15-$20 can be found here, where they usually run for hundreds of dollars

Meow. I have heard many great things about FitBit’s. One day I might come around to getting one. Maybe.

In conclusion, here are just a few fitness outfits that can keep you cool during this hot July. These colors never go “out of style” and will last you a long time. Definitely sounds worthy of an investment.

Don’t forget to do your squats. And lunges. And planks. Promise? Good.


Thank you for reading, and let me know if you have any questions! Have a wonderful weekend. ❤





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