Healthy Protein Power Balls

Quick little post for today! These are perfect for a grab and go snack. Pinterest found, but Kate modified to be dairy and gluten free, this is worth making. Here we go! Ingredients: 2 cups Bob’s Red Mill gluten free oats 1 cup all natural almond or peanut butter (or nut butter of your choice) 1/2 cup… Continue reading Healthy Protein Power Balls


Gluten Free Zucchini & Avocado Sandwich

Well, I have not posted any sandwich recipes so I decided to make one with things I have been craving. Canyon Gluten Free Bread, found in any Whole Foods, is my absolute favorite brand for toast & sandwiches. It is the closest thing to the real thing (meaning, it is better than Udi’s and Rudi’s)! For a quick… Continue reading Gluten Free Zucchini & Avocado Sandwich


Healthy Cacao, Coconut & Date Balls

If you’ve got that gnawing sweet tooth that never leaves you alone, this is such an easy and healthy dessert that tackles those cravings! I was drawn to them by the fact that it seemed so simple to make. Taken from, I have been wanting to make these for quite some time! They turned out… Continue reading Healthy Cacao, Coconut & Date Balls

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TreeBeards’ Vegetable Soup

Kick off this new month of February with an amazing soup! It is hearty, healthy, and very filling. Perfect for having company, or just having a family dinner. We’ve had a TreeBeards Cookbook for many years, so I decided to see what I could make gluten/lactose free that wouldn’t taste completely different from the original thing. I omitted… Continue reading TreeBeards’ Vegetable Soup


Protein Vanilla Smoothie Bowl

I was feeling more of a vanilla protein shake after my workout today, so I decided to try out a recipe I had in my head – lactose & gluten free, of course! **Health Tip!!!**  I recommend only eating fruits before or after a workout. To explain, your metabolism speeds up when/after you are exercise.… Continue reading Protein Vanilla Smoothie Bowl


Lactose and Gluten Free Cheesecake

I have been wanting to make a cheesecake for SO long, but I was always afraid it would not compare with the amazing traditional New York Style cheesecake that I had ever so savored pre-intolerant life. But, it was time to overcome my fears and thank god that I did. This is one of the… Continue reading Lactose and Gluten Free Cheesecake

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How Gelatin Can Save Your Gut!

DISCLOSURE: Please note these statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This is for informational purposes only and is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent disease. I am not a doctor. I am simply sharing my experiences. There are SO many health benefits of gelatin, especially for people with… Continue reading How Gelatin Can Save Your Gut!